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They Passed the Quiz

Showing dedication in the face of modem time outs, typographing fingers, and a tough automatic grader, the following members have successfully completed the Research Diver Orientation Online Quiz, on our history, goals and operational procedures. Congradulations!

For new trainees, The Bridge awaits.....

        Name Submitted Time
Matthew W. HoelscherFriday, 29-Aug-03 14:25:58 EDT
Wade G. PembertonTuesday, 02-Sep-03 16:27:17 EDT
Wendy WolffThursday, 04-Sep-03 20:04:23 EDT
Cheri CraftSunday, 07-Sep-03 15:21:39 EDT
Rudy PerezSunday, 07-Sep-03 16:12:30 EDT
Pam KellyMonday, 08-Sep-03 18:52:25 EDT
Marc WolffMonday, 08-Sep-03 21:38:23 EDT
George WJ Kenney JrTuesday, 09-Sep-03 10:03:06 EDT
DON HILLERTuesday, 09-Sep-03 23:31:57 EDT
Stephen M. SchelbWednesday, 10-Sep-03 01:51:01 EDT
Beth M. VanDusenWednesday, 10-Sep-03 10:53:26 EDT
L. Richard BernhardtWednesday, 10-Sep-03 11:40:04 EDT
Deborah KilbaneWednesday, 10-Sep-03 12:21:30 EDT
Cecilia KrahforstWednesday, 10-Sep-03 15:53:36 EDT
Patricia HillerWednesday, 10-Sep-03 22:38:51 EDT
Jane AxmanWednesday, 08-Oct-03 18:25:13 EDT
Anita WexlerWednesday, 15-Oct-03 19:25:48 EDT
Trish ShandorMonday, 10-Nov-03 15:42:53 EST
Patrick GriffinThursday, 04-Dec-03 21:43:41 EST
Lee GanoWednesday, 10-Dec-03 14:33:46 EST
Laura BaumanThursday, 11-Dec-03 17:10:18 EST
charlie schmittSaturday, 07-Aug-04 17:54:16 EDT
darlene schmittSaturday, 07-Aug-04 17:54:16 EDT
Shauna SharpeSunday, 09-Jan-05 16:54:55 EST