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Operations Manual Quiz

This quiz is designed to verify that the member has read the material about our purpose and history, and the material in our Operations Manual concerning how we operate. This is not a memory test, as all the quiz questions are from a sentence directly on this web site, on either the home page or one of the operations manual pages. Answers are always the exact words used there, so just type or cut and paste them into the quiz answer windows. Either way works.

The quiz will not be scored in the conventional sense, i.e. a number of correct and number of wrong answers. One cannot pass until it is submitted, and it cannot be submitted successfully until all the answers are correct. So everyone will (eventually) get 100% correct, meaning they have read the material.

Helpful hints: The captions over the question groups indicate the location of the answer material. For the anSWers, use the word, phrase, or number exactly as it appears on the web site. Spell the answer correctly, including capitalization and punctuation, or the computer will not accept the answer.

For best results, use two windows. One for the quiz, and one for the page you are checking for the exact answer. This prevents you from closing the quiz inadvertently and losing your work. If you don't have a second window open, do it now by clicking here: [Home] This is the page you'll need to start. Flip back and forth between the windows as you progress through the test.

Every few answers, click the submit button at the bottom of the page. Even though you are not done with all the answers, this will tell you if your answers so far are correct, and will put the cursor at the next blank question. When done, it will simply submit the quiz as complete and you've passed.

Use your correct name. It's going onto the public list of those who have passed.

Finish soon. We're thinking up more questions every day.

Complete Name        

Who are we, what do we do, where do we do it.

1. The Palm Beach County Reef Research Team is a group of volunteer sport divers operating under the      auspices of the , a non-profit conservation organization.
2. The Palm Beach County Reef Research Team was founded in .
3-6. The Team's mission is to , , and scientific data for use in further enhancing our marine habitats.
7-8. The general meetings are held on the Tuesday of each month, starting at p.m.
9. Funding to monitor the county artificial reefs comes from the State of Florida     .
10. The first artificial reef created by Palm Beach County was the .
11. Palm Beach County's Department of is
    responsible for administering the artificial reef program.
12. Today there are artificial reefs in the county.


13. Active Membership is open to any person, subject to provisions set forth in the Bylaws, over the
    age of years ....
14. Active Members shall be .
15. All other non diving members shall be designated .
16-22. The elected officers of the Team shall be the:

23. The business of this Team shall be managed and its team powers exercised by the       .

Diving Operations.

24. Divers must arrive at the boat minutes prior to scheduled departure.

25-33. [Pre departure] Each diver shall:

34-38. Required Equipment for every diver:

39-45. The following shall be included in the dive briefing:

46-50. Each diver MUST understand , , and           . They must understand the
          allowed on the dive, and to that limit.

51-52. Roll shall be called by the or in lieu of that, by the           member.

53. The team uses the of diving at all times while in the water.

54. On a drifting drop, no drop grouping shall exceed divers.

55. No open ocean dive operation shall be conducted when a is posted by
      the NOAA weather bureau.

Basic and Advanced Training

56. All Team members must complete the basic course....

57-61. Specialty Certifications, consisting of , ,          , , and , are required before a member is allowed to
         collect data for the team.

62-63. To become a specialist in an area, members must pass a
         and/or achieve a requisite number of
         in the activity.

Fish and Invertebrate

64. The is the primary fish survey system
      used by the PBCRRT.
65-66. Using this method, each fish ID diver monitors fish for    minutes at their ID station and
observes a 360 degree cylinder of a radius from bottom to surface.

67. The roving fish survey method used by the Reef Environmental Educational Foundation is known
       as the .

68-69. Current Team invertebrate censusing takes two forms: and .
70. The Method is used on each invertebrate monitored site.
71. The Method is used on each invertebrate surveyed site.