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The Palm Beach County Reef Research Team conducts photographic surveys of the artificial reefs as part of our monitoring grant. The team owns a Niknons V camera with several lens and strobes, and tries to keep 3-4 trained photographers available so all our dive requirements will be covered. This training is required before a member can do the photo tasks.


Classes consist of a one hour land session on preparation and use of camera and housing, followed by a pool session to teach the basics of underwater photography. Then a least 3 in water dives with the instructor, where the student learns the techniques for photo monitoring to the PBCRRT grant requirements. Post dive training includes the cleaning and storage of the team camera and housing, and generating a photo log for the report.

Training classes are conducted when mutally convenient with the instructor and trainees. In water reef team specific technique instruction occurs during regular team monitoring dives. Training only occurs when a need exists, and is not automatic with membership.


Lin Creel

What you will learn:

  • Pre-dive camera and strobe preparation and checkout.
  • Basics of underwater photography.
  • Water entry and handling the equipment.
  • Coral monitoring photo techniques.
  • Map support photo techiques.
  • In water logging of each photo.
  • Post-dive equipment cleaning.
  • Film retrieval and processing duties.
  • Creation of a photo log.