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Team Meeting Minutes

September 13, 2005
by Nancy Cohen

General Meeting

Lin Creel called the meeting to order at
7:04 p.m.


Ben Harkanson presented "A review of fish assemblages on artificial reefs in Palm Beach County." He elaborated on some of the motivators for the artificial reef program.
1. Enhancement of the fish population.
2. Provide an increased area for recreational diving.
3. Mitigation for natural reefs.
4. Relieve pressure on natural reefs.
He concluded that artificial reefs are no substitute for natural reefs. Moreover, depth and material used for creating artificial reefs are critical factors in determining types of fish assemblages.

GENERAL MEETING: Lin welcomed visitors and had them introduce themselves. He requested they meet with Pug Pugliese at the break.
Lin introduced present Board, previous Team Coordinators, and present Team Leaders: Cheri Craft, Pug Pugliese, Janet Phipps, Connie Gasque, Ben Harkanson, and Mary Watson.

After a break for refreshments, the meeting resumed at 8:30 p.m.

Lin presented a slide show on Boxfish from Reef Fish of the Caribbean developed by Reef International.

Dave Gillings asked about cleared checks. Kathy will be asked to investigate this.

DIVE REPORT: Friday afternoon Lin will email all signed up divers about the Saturday dive aboard Narcosis to Diamondhead/Zion Train. Dave requested the Team receive emails in regards to future dives. Janet Phipps has changed some dive sites. For instance, Coral Cove in no longer a site. One dive on MG111 and Warrior Reef are new. The State of Florida is endeavoring to collect data on Reef Resiliency in August. They have asked the Team to participate in this program. These dives will be monitored on the county boat. Invertebrate monitoring will also be needed. Janet Phipps will train divers on methods for data collection.

MISCELLANEOUS: Tim Fernan asked the Team to start planning the annual holiday party. The Yankee Gift Exchange price should approximate $20.00. He also reminded everyone that the nominations of officers for the 2006 year would be opened at the October general meeting.

Meeting adjourned at 8:59 p.m.

(continued from right column)

KORZENINSKI GRANT: Dates need to be established for these dives. Connie needs mappers. Randy Jordan of Jupiter Dive Center has offered Sunday mornings or afternoons for boat trips at a cost of $35 per diver or $350 per boat.

TURTLE REPORT: : Connie reported the Hawksbills are sporting barnacles around their necks and flippers. Loggerheads are covered in them.

TRAINING: The Team's purchase of a Toshiba digital projector to facilitate training and presentations was proposed and approved.

FISH REPORT: Lois will be administering a fish test at the general meeting at 6:00 p.m.

MORE NEW BUSINESS: Ben Harkanson will be the guest speaker for the September general meeting.

Kathy felt that advertising should be submitted to the free diving magazines. Nancy would like to coordinate this.

Debbie suggested changing the order of presentation at general meetings. It was felt the current schedule would be the most efficacious for the guest speakers.

Harvey Rosenfeld notified Nancy that the Jupiter Noseriders has postponed the Team's presentation until next year.

Lin reminded all that the Team will participate in the Art Walk at Riviera Beach Marina the fourth Tuesday of the month.

Meeting adjourned at 9:00 p.m.

Planning Meeting Minutes

September 7, 2005
by Nancy Cohen

Planning Meeting

Lin Creel called the meeting to order at 7:10 p.m.

ATTENDANCE: Lin Creel, Connie Gasque, Kathy Bondonese, Nancy Cohen, Debbie Kilbane, Lois Madrid, Biv Watson

SECRETARY REPORT: Nancy Cohen read the minutes of the August planning meeting, and they were accepted.

NEW BUSINESS: Lin asked Debbie Kilbane to make a note on the Grant Report that the delays in meeting the dive schedule has been weather related.

Nancy requested that fish tests be conducted four times a year on a two-year rotation. Fish counters would be responsible for recertifying within that time period. Additionally, she suggested the test be conducted at 6:30 pm to allow for travel to the site under less congested traffic situations and at a more convenient time for members. Debbie asked how trainees would accomplish this testing so that they could begin fish counts immediately. Nancy suggested that the fish test be incorporated into the training. Lin noted that the annual fish test can be changed by the procedures outlined in the by-laws of the Team. Rigorous testing has built the Team's reputation with the State. Nancy noted that the by-laws could be changed. The discussion was tabled until the rotation of the current Grant is ready to expire. Lin reminded the board that members not qualified to count fish would not be abe to count fish on the Team dives.

Lin advised that PBCRRT ranks 3rd among 12 volunteer teams competing for the State Grants. Connie Gasque inquired as to what the other two teams were doing to surpass us. Janet Phipps will be asked to investigate this matter.

Connie Gasque offered to call Bob Hersey and Janet Phipps to remind them of the Fish Test at 6:00 pm.
Connie will confer with Janet and Paul Davis about ERM employees who have taken the Fish class need experience with the team. In order to count fish they must pass the fish test.

Lin would like to cut back on the number of guest speakers to perhaps once every other month. On alternate months, he would like to utilize the meeting for skills training to include: invertebrate discussion, turtle identification, and safety discussion. He suggested that 20-minute increments be devoted to each presentation.

Lin will remind mentors to continue vigilance in their misson.

TREASURER'S REPORT: Kathy Bondonese reported that the Team has $4453.87 in the FOS account and $187 in petty cash. The digital projector cost $1363.00. She has tax exemption forms available for any Team member who needs one.


1.Sept. 17th the Team dive will be Diamondhead/Zion Train aboard the Narcosis.
2. The Coral Cove site will not be monitored as it is unmanageable.
3. Shallow dives for the Grant will be two on Sugar Sands and one on Rybovitch.
4. One Dive on MG111, and it will be paired with Warrior Reef, which is new. Connie requested GPS on this site.
5. South Dives: Gulfstream/Lynn's Reef-Lady Go Diver; Yellowtail/Flower Garden (beginning of Larsen's Valley)-Narcosis. Dates need to be set for these by the next planning meeting. Data collected will establish a baseline for future monitoring.
6. Wade Pemberton needs to update the Website for the make up dive.
7. The state of Florida operates an ongoing program on reef resiliency during a two-week period in August. Janet would like the Team to assist in this endeavor. The purpose is to record the impact of water temperature on hard coral. Data collected will include Family and Species, color, size (h, w, l), and condition. Dives will be aboard the County boat. Janet will train divers.

GRANT REPORT: Debbie will be meeting with Janet Phipps. Additionally, she needs to meet with Lois to fine-tune the recording and presentation of data.