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Next Meeting

General meetings are held the 2nd Tuesday of each month in Building 509 of the ERM complex. The complex is on 5th Street across from the Palm Beach Airport. Exit I-95 west on Belvedere. 5th street is the first right past Congress. Meetings start at 7:00 p.m and last about two hours.

REEF Fish Survey
Project Forms

Do you need additional scantron forms? You may either E-mail REEF at reefhq@reef.org or mail request to:

Fish Survey Project P.O. Box 246
Key Largo, FL 33037

Fish Test

Call or email Lin or Lois for fish test info.

Fish Quizzes Online

The fish quizzes are now available online. Just select Fish Quizzes from the menu on the left. The images are adapted from Paul Humann’s fish identification book, with permission. If you can make 90% on these quizzes, you can pass the team test on the first try.

Bring a Guest

Members who would like to invite a guest on a team dive must request to do so with Dive Coordinator, Biv Watson, by phone (561) 714-3318 or email, at least one week prior to the dive. The guest fee is $30, subject to change.

Invertebrate Class

Call or email Lin for info on Invert class schedules.

Fish Identification Class

Prospective Fish Counters! Ask Lin or Janet about upcoming Fish Identification courses.
Keep in mind that there is always room on the boat for a fish counter!

New Member Training


Upcoming Dives

Our next dive trip is March 22, 2008 aboard the Narcosis. The two dive sites are natural reefs. Please bring your slates. Show time is 7:30am. Go time is 8:00am. Please be on time. For those of you who have signed up and can't go, please contact Lou. Same for those who haven't signed up and want to go. Please note our new sign-up policy. have signed up for this dive but cannot make it you MUST contact the Dive Coordinator by Wednesday, March 19 to cancel or you will be charged for the dive.

C-Cards & DAN Insurance Numbers Needed

Please bring a copy of your c-cards and proof of dive insurance to the next team meeting you attend. Pug will collect this information and update the team’s records.

Download the Newsletter

Adobe .pdf file

Full color multiple page monthly newsletter in Adobe pdf format. Click to download.