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Breakers Shallow and Breakers

      New Members
Sherman's Squidos show up to volunteer. Hey, we can count plankton."

"Bet you guys can't do that!" Janet says "Get to work you guys!


Bill Flaherty asks "How far is that in inches...?"

Ben converts meters to feet. Janet converts feet to centimeters.

Lin converts centimeters to yards.
Ben finally converts yards to inches.

      Danger Zone!

A rare crimson paralyzer shows up.

Dave Gillings beats a hasty retreat. Lin Creel does the 100m dash.

A hapless victim sinks to the bottom.

      Don't Do This!
Anchor chain splits the coral formation. Dockside neighbor's reef hook destroying coral.

      It must be the water
Sleep deprivation catches up to Tim Fernan.
Janet catches him and puts him to work.

Another one nods off.......

     To be continued..

Credits:  Video stills by Lois Madrid using TRV900 in Stingray housing.
Editing and captions by the Omnipotent Web Czar.