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St Jacques Demise

      Do It Yourself Projects....
A quiet morning in paradise...
First a nice paint job for the bridge...

Then install and fill a crew swimming pool... The boss is definitely not going to like this.

We always wanted to work on a submarine. Glub glub glub...!

      Sea Life Arrives..
Dawn sees a shark in the distance. Only down a few minutes and a shark is there.

A wide eyed Dawn asks "Did you see that???"

Bob Hersey follows a turtle out the door.   Ron Streeter takes a quick shark shot.

The mural artist is interviewed on the Rampage.

      Directions Please
Bob, Dawn & Cassandra desperately study the map...
But Bob can't find a ladies room either...

Still, a quiet morning in paradise.......

     To be continued..

Credits:  Video stills by Wade Pemberton using a TRV900, red filter, ambient light.
Editing and captions by the Omnipotent Web Czar.