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Officer Duties

Elected Positions:

Elected Positions, as defined by the bylaws, are as follows: Team Coordinator, Assistant Team Coordinator, Secretary, Treasurer, Science Coordinator, Training Coordinator, and Dive Coordinator. These positions constitute the Executive Committee.

Appointed Positions:

The bylaws allow for creation of other positions as required in the normal course of business. These positions currently are: Grants Coordinator, Publicity/Speaker Coordinator, Newsletter Editor, Special Events Coordinator, Database Manager, Membership Coordinator, Web Coordinator, Fish ID Leader, Invert ID Leader, Photography Leader, Videography Leader, Mapping/Physical Data Leader, and Report Leader.

Chain of Command:

Oversight for the elected and appointed positions is as follows:

The Team Coordinator shall oversee the functions of:

  • Assistant Coordinator
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Training Coordinator
  • Dive Coordinator
  • Grants Coordinator
  • Publicity/Speaker Coordinator
  • Newsletter Editor
  • Special Events Coordinator
  • Web Coordinator

The Assistant Coordinator shall oversee the functions of:

  • Science Coordinator
  • Database Manager
  • Membership Coordinator

The Science Coordinator shall oversee the functions of:

  • Fish ID Leader
  • Invert ID Leader
  • Photography Leader
  • Videography Leader
  • Mapping/Physical Data Leader
  • Report Leader


Duties of the elected positions are delineated in the Bylaws, Article IV. (Left menu). Duties of the current appointed positions shall be as follows:

Publicity/Speaker Coordinator :

  • Ensure that Team meetings and events receive regular
    publication in local newspapers, magazines and calendars.
  • Schedule speakers for the monthly meetings in coordination with the Team Coordinator.

Grants Coordinator :

  • Pursue outside sources of funding for team projects,
    activities and equipment in cooperation with the Executive Committee
  • Coordinate maintenance of donations with Treasurer

Special Events Coordinator:

  • Inform the Executive Committee and/or Team Coordinator
    of events that are appropriate for Team participation
  • Oversee coordination and logistics of Team participation in selected events
  • Propose and schedule fun events for the Team

Web Coordinator:

  • Develop, maintain and update the Team's web site.
  • Facilitate others uploading information to the site.

Newsletter Editor :

  • Gather all relevant Team information and compile it into each month's newsletter.
  • Ensure that copies are e-mailed to members and are available at meetings.

Membership Coordinator:

  • Maintain a complete database of present and past member's
    contact, dive, and Team Certification data.
  • Keep the Executive Committee informed as to the status of
    members dues and proficiency testing.

Fish Identification Leader:

  • Manage fish identification (ID) training, review, and testing.
  • Administer the fish identification test at least every two months or as needed.
  • Conduct fish review sessions at meetings or other designated dates.
  • Coordinate and assign duties to fish ID members on team dives.
  • Maintain and organize Team fish slides.
  • Maintain (in coordination with the Invert ID Leader) custody of Team slide projectors.
  • Coordinate with the Photography Leader to obtain needed fish slides for training
    and review new slides to determine suitability for needs.
  • Ensure that waterproof fish ID forms are available for team dives.
  • Assign monitoring stations and explain procedures to trainees.
  • After dives, follow up with fish ID team members on data entry.

Invert Identification Leader:

  • Manage invertebrate/coral identification (ID) training and reviews.
  • Coordinate with Photography/Videography Leader on dives for invertebrate sampling.
  • Maintain and organize Team invertebrate slides.
  • Maintain (in coordination with the Fish ID Leader) custody of Team slide projectors.
  • Coordinate with the Photography Leader to obtain needed invertebrate slides
    for training and review new slides to determine suitability for needs.
  • Organize and oversee the advanced invertebrate/coral identification class in coordination with the Training Coordinator, including determining how training will be done, which invertebrates are covered, who provides the training and prepare all training materials.
  • Conduct invertebrate ID and sampling methods review sessions at meetings or other designated dates.
  • Review slides taken from each dive for suitability for analyses and coordinate with invertebrate ID Team members for slide analyses.
  • Follow up with invertebrate ID team members on data entry.

Mapping Leader:

  • Ensure that on every team dive data on weather, including air temperature, wind speed and direction and general conditions (e.g., partly cloudy) is recorded for each dive. Physical data on the water column is also to be collected for each dive and includes: wave height, water temperature at surface, temperature at depth, note any thermoclines, current speed and direction, and visibility at surface and at depth.
  • Ensure that mapping of new site locations is completed on the team's dive sites.
  • Ensure physical and mapping data collected is recorded into the Team database.
  • Assist with leading dive team to reef locations and appropriate benchmarks.
  • Ensure that benchmarks are prepared for the various sites as needed.
  • Ensure that benchmarks placed on reefs are located and
    cleaned off on every team dive to that particular reef.
  • Install/Repair/Replace benchmarks on the artificial reefs for fishcount and invertebrate photo-sampling locations as needed.
  • Ensure that mapping equipment (i.e., underwater tape-measure reels, GPS unit, etc.)
    are maintained and repaired/replaced as needed.
  • Obtain GPS coordinates for the reel location, and in order to facilitate mapping and corroborate our underwater measurements, attempt to obtain latitude and longitude values for benchmarks
    or prominent features of the reef.
  • Assist in new research diver training with regards to mapping (e.g., mapping techniques and command signals on the tape measure when mapping partner out of view).

Photography Leader:

Videography Leader:

Database Manager:

  • Develop, maintain, and update the database so that all Team data needs are met.
  • Ensure that database integrity and safety are maintained at all times.
  • Review data for quality and correct as needed.
  • Create all programs and queries for data needs.